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Attraction In Action

Attraction In Action

If you are wanting something, it doesn’t matter what it is, better health, more money, a new home, more loving relationships,  a more fulfilling job or service, a life partner, or more joy in any area of your life, etc., and it is not manifesting, you need to look Within to see what is damming up the flow, before you can manifest it in the outer world.

It’s your INNER vibration, frequency, and energetic alignment that you attract EVERYTHING in your life from.  In other words, opposites cannot attract, no matter what it looks like in the outer world.  At the quantum core level, like-energy ALWAYS attracts like-energy.  This is Divine Law.  You cannot change it.  Your inner world is what creates your outer world.  But you change that, and you change everything.

So for example, you have a desire to have more money in your life.  You believe you can have it, and your words and thoughts and even your actions are in alignment with your desire.  You may even be able to manifest the means to get more money into your life, i.e., a new career, winning the lottery, you get an inheritance, or raise etc.  But if your inner resonance isn’t strong enough for having more money in your life, you could lose what you have, sabotage yourself, keep a cap on what you’ll allow in, or even stop yourself cold from having it at all.

Nothing outside of yourself is creating this.  You, from your inner energetic level is creating this.  This is how powerful you are and why it is so important to resonate with your desire and to clear the hidden layers of fears and beliefs that are keeping you from that resonance.

You are literally a human magnet, and you are always in a state of either attracting in what you want, or you are repelling what you want.  And whether you have what you want or not, is your indicator of where you are resonating.  It’s that clear.

You are the creator of your life experiences.  If you want something different, you have the power to change it.  It’s inside of you.  Look Within!

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