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Breaking Free

Break on Through

When our old systems, behaviors, habits, and ways of doing things, are no longer working, sustainable, safe, or good for us, whether it be in business, politics, the environment, or our own personal lives, it’s time to break through to something new that is.

Positive change of any kind generally begins with breaking down what is no longer appropriate for us.  It can take time or come quickly, and it is not always pretty, fun, or easy, but it does serve a far greater purpose than we are usually aware of.  It absolutely is meaningful and helpful in getting us to look at the bigger picture and higher truth of something, so we can let go of old, stagnant, stuck, and rigid patterns that are harming us or someone else, or both, and that are obsolete now.

You can’t build something new until you are through with the old! Mother Nature’s seasons are a very vivid display of this in action.

Our greatest strength is in seeing the breakdowns for what they truly are: catalysts making room for the answers and solutions to old problems and the new and greater form to come.  Keeping our focus on, and asking: “What Is Good About The Breakdowns?”, can help us to move forward with less fear, anger, and sadness, and with more ease, joy, and peace.

When I quit smoking it wasn’t just because I wanted to.  It had become an old reliable friend to me for more than 25 years, even though I also hated it and was losing my health because of it.  It took a bleeding brain for me to wake up.  And it was hell quitting.  It turned my life upside down.  And it took about 10 or more tries at different times before I actually did it.  The breakdown before the breakthrough is an experience I know well from my lifetime of being an addict queen, and one I know is an important part of the whole process of change, and one that is well worth it.  It is up to us whether we make it an excruciating journey or not.

We have many one liners to describe this process.  The one that comes to mind now is, “It’s darkest before the dawn.” But there really is nothing to fear, to worry about, or to get hung up on.  Change is always positive if we just choose to go with the flow.

We know when it’s time to change, and yet we hold on to the very things that need changing in spite of ourselves, until something happens that helps us see very clearly that there are no other choices.  As the old breaks down, and before the new is created, this is when we need to be patient, accepting, understanding, and diligently focused on “What Is Good About It?”, otherwise we just cause ourselves unnecessary pain.

It’s time.  And we are ready for global change.  So hang onto your hats and be grateful and trusting of the new to come.  Be in awe of all that we are doing now and will do, in our own lives and in the world, to create a new future that works for All.  And after the many breakdowns that are upon us are complete, celebrate and enjoy all the wonderful things that come after.

To Positive Change Then! And Breaking Down, to Break Through!

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