Lonnie's Resonance Healing
Warm Autumn Colored Bridge

The Bridge To Everything You Want Is Within You

When you are ready to let go of struggle and trust your Self, you will experience more joy, ease, and flow.

You are being given the most loving direction, support, help, and power in every moment. It’s up to you to build on that connection.

Whether you are a beginner or a practicing student, my class: How To Get Clear Guidance, can give you more understanding of your Soul’s Guidance, and show you how to connect with your Higher wisdom.

When you are ready to play with your Soul on a more conscious level, you will gain more clarity in all the parts of your life.

Self empowerment, living your purpose, and healing yourself are simplified when you get and follow your own Soul’s Guidance.

Call or email me when you are ready to request either an in-person or phone class, at a time that would work for you.

Right now the Sunday, later morning and early afternoon classes are working best for people.

The repeating small 3-hour class will be ongoing throughout 2017. It’s fun and worthy of your time and effort.

Wishing you Love, Light, And Laughter as you celebrate your holidays.



(970) 221-3890

The picture was sent to me from my friend Lori Rock, and is free from Pixabay.com

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