Lonnie's Resonance Healing
Lonnie & Bruce Nordel

Celebrating Lonnie

October 1, 1961 – April 16, 2018

She had heard someone once say that; “She died how she lived her life — her way.”

Lonnie got to live her life the way she wanted to because Bruce, her one and only true Love, took such very great, sweet, Loving care of her. It was a lot of fun living her truth and emptying out her spiritual suitcase by doing all she came here to do in this lifetime.

She sends her Love & Light to all!

Those are the carefully chosen and spoken words Lonnie had me write down when she was nearing the end of her life. She wanted me, Bruce, to post it on her website and her Facebook page as her final comments at the appropriate time. That time is now. The title of this post is from Lonnie, too.

I feel so honored and blessed to have had the privilege of sharing my life with Lonnie for 35 years and watching her grow into the beautiful being (spirit) that she is. She was a Bright Light not only for me, but also for MANY of the people that would come to her, seeking her loving guidance to help facilitate the many and varied challenges that they were experiencing. While she never shared with me any of the personal situations people were working on, she did share with me a lot of the thank-you cards they would send to her, expressing their gratitude for Lonnie’s abilities to help them work through their own stuff and come to the “a-ha” moments. Lonnie had so much love for all of her clients, and kept each and every card and letter that she received from them. People could see and feel her passion to help them get what they needed, so they could heal themselves – whether it be physically, mentally, spiritually, or emotionally.

I found all these cards after she transitioned. There are many dozens of them in a box and in one of her dresser drawers. I looked at many of them (but just a fraction of the total) and read of their gratitude in working with Lonnie, as my eyes were dripping with tears.

I wrote down parts of a few of the comments to share here:

  • Thank you for your insight, direction, and unconditional love. You are truly amazing.
  • What a powerful session; I’m moving forward and standing tall.
  • Thank you. I feel like I got a roadmap and can find my way out of the forest.
  • Thank you for being there for me. You are such a bright shining Light.
  • Again, your intuitive help is clearing, life changing, and incredible. I have found my true self thanks to your session.
  • My heart sings with the joy of knowing you, and benefiting so much from your gifts. Thank you Lonnie.
  • I am blessed to have you in my life.
  • Love always for the beautiful work you do and the Light that you are. Thank you so much.
  • You are a bright light in my world. Thanks.

Lonnie worked hard to get the reasons and causes for her breast cancer. While her life was seemingly cut short because of it, her life was nonetheless an amazing success story. Like she said, she accomplished all she came here to do and it was time to go. Even on the day she died, she told me that morning there were still two more pieces her soul wanted her to get. By early afternoon she said all the pieces are complete. While she didn’t share what all of the pieces were, she did say that had it not been for the cancer, she wouldn’t have gotten all the lessons she needed to learn in this lifetime.

A few days after Lonnie’s passing when I was cleaning things up, I lifted up the cushion on our love seat downstairs and I found a note she had written, I presume just before she left. It touches me to my core and it said:

Go Super Man Go!! All cords are cut! All we came to do together is finished! Have a Blast My Love!

Lonnie was always thinking about me and my well-being and happiness. For that I will be eternally grateful. There is now a great void in my life without her, which I am working on to heal. She said her plan was to continue helping people get their own answers for their life situations, but now she will be helping from the other side. As for me, I will continue to practice getting my clear guidance to lead me through my life, and know that Lonnie and I will no doubt connect when needed.

I Love You Lonnie.


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