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change direction

Choose Joy, Choose To Fly

To Roam.  To wander about.  To keep on without direction or purpose.  To go about your business aimlessly in the same fashion as always, thinking that something will change or be different, or that someone else will change or give us what we need or want without our having to do anything.  These are actions that lead us away from what we truly want.

Roaming leads to more roaming, dysfunction, frustration, and repeating more of the desperate old actions that ingrain old patterns in ourselves even deeper. It takes commitment to diligently doing the processes that we know will help lead us out of stagnation to more freedom and joy.

To change our unhappy lots, we need to first get clear about this and change from roaming to stilling.  This small change opens the way to self-empowerment, getting answers to our questions and solutions to our stuckness, and a new way of creating what makes our hearts sing.

Yes it takes consistant, persistant, practice, work, patience, and telling ourselves the truth: “That we are our only jail keepers”.

The rewards of this are the very positive changes and results we are seeking, and leads us away from roaming to consciously creating a beeline to what we know in our hearts, is our soul’s desire and our bliss.

Are you ready to get out of your own way, and are you ready to stop wandering and hurting, so you can soar and be passionately enlivened and Divinely Self guided?

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