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Everyone Has a Story

Everyone at one time or another has kept, or is keeping themselves stuck now, somewhere in their life because of a past story.  You know one has gotten the best of you when you are gripped with feelings of hopelessness, fear, defeat, lack of caring, sorrow, anger, and or despair.  When your inner struggle becomes suffering anywhere on the physical level, you know you need to take a look at changing a story.  It doesn’t mean you change or deny your past experience.  It means you don’t need to let it keep running you and your life now or in the future by reliving it.

You empower yourself by creating a new story to accommodate what will help you move out of the past into the present, so you can create a new, joy filled, fulfilling, and enlivening Life Experience.  All it takes is a willingness to create a new story for yourself!  One where you can manifest new opportunities, better health, happier relationships… Whatever means the most to you.

We all have our stories.  And it’s up to each one of us to not let them hold us hostage from what we want and need now.  Create a new, fun, and amazing story for yourself and you will change your life for good.  It’s a new day!  And I can help.

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