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North Star in Starfield

Finding Your North Star

You’ve been working for so long and you just can’t believe you have yet to see the results you are wanting. You feel angry, defeated, and possibly ready to give up. It may be the very moment you might have experienced before on your journey to manifesting what you need and want. Perhaps you have been to this point many times. It Doesn’t matter whether it’s your first time or your 3rd, 4th, or 50th.

What matters is what you do now that will allow you to keep going, when you’ve lost all hope, and your desire to move forward is gone.

We all know that wallowing here just creates more of what you don’t want. But taking a break and allowing yourself to feel your feelings may be of help because running over them and numbing them will just help them to fester.

But this is not the time to quit either. So be quick in your self-pity. And remember this is the time to raise your frequency, your vibration, and your energy in any positive way you know how. One way is to bring your attention to what you are grateful for. Go outside in nature. Relax. Take a breath, a bath, or a walk. Listen to music you love. Move. Try faking laughing until you can’t help but laugh at yourself. Ask for help. Do anything that is simple, that you enjoy, that you can do to help yourself remember your power.

You are not a victim no matter how it feels or looks. You are the creator of your experience, and nothing can stop you from what your Heart desires, except you, and giving up. And do notice here, that I said Heart’s desire, not ego. Sometimes we need to see that is the difference we need to get clear on, before we can manifest our dreams.

Now is the time for self compassion, and to strengthen, empower, and encourage yourself. Now is the time is to get clear. Finding your North Star is up to you, and it’s as easy as this!

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