Lonnie's Resonance Healing
Fall 2015 Aspens

Happy Autumn!

I love all the seasons, but my favorite time of year is Fall.  I feel more joy; A higher frequency of joy; And a vibrancy of joy, not felt in the other seasons.  The lark is that I’m always more full of life, as nature descends into its cycle of death.

This year I got to experience firsthand, why.

Come to find out in all my learning about nature this past year, Nature in all its glory and beauty, also has an inherent conscious, dynamic, intelligence, that not only energizes and re-vitalizes itself at the exact moment of the Autumnal Equinox, but anything and everything else we want to create for ourselves personally for the next year.  It’s Nature’s New Year!  And we can tap into that energy of renewal and creation consciously if we choose to, which is what I did with intention this year.  And this amazing experience left me in pure awe of its sheer power.  I actually felt it align itself with me and with what I said that I want to manifest in my life so vividly, that it brought me to my knees in tears of gratitude.

What I have learned and am already spectacularly seeing, feeling, and sensing, is its benefit in helping us to create what we want, in Perfect Divine Balance With All That Is.  This is huge when we consider where planet Earth is at this time.

It was quite a profound connection that has left me with an even greater joy than ever before, as well as an even stronger desire to work in partnership with Nature on everything I want to create and manifest, because it will be in perfect balance with everyone and everything else.  All I have to do is set my intention on what I want and ask Nature to help, and then do what Nature gives me to do.

So simple, for such extraordinary results.

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