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Divine Self - Living The Truth Of Who You Are

Living The Truth Of Who You Are

Who are you really? Do you Know?

I can tell you from my own experience, that when I am NOT living the truth of who I AM, I have gone through some pretty tell tale signs that reflect that back to me. I feel off. I strangely find that I am saying yes to people and things when I mean no, and vise-versa. I feel frustrated, guarded, suspicious, and not myself. Things stop flowing. I block my intuition, and my inner soul knowing and guidance, and act from this unclear place, or worse yet shutdown completely in my self doubt. I have all of a sudden symptoms in my body. I feel righteous, and I judge and blame myself and others. I control, hide, rage, manipulate, overindulge, numb out, and sometimes stay hopeless and stuck and stagnant for periods of time, for fear of, lack of awareness of the need to, and resistance to, changing myself.

We live in a world full of people who need to come back into balance physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, etc.

Our planet’s issues are mirroring something in each of us. If something is pushing our buttons, it means something inside of us needs to heal around it, and then from this place of healing, the outer world changes, and or no longer has the power to negatively effect and trigger us. And when that happens, we make the world a more peaceful place to be, just because we ourselves are at peace.

All of what is up and out for all to see, and is getting louder by the day, everything from the loss of our fresh water and ocean’s health, to the negative welfare of animals, land, and people, to the political, and human issues that are in our face, is a very vivid mirror of what’s going on inside ourselves. We have crises in every avenue of life from Monsanto and the loss of the integrity of our food, to corporate and government corruption, that is at the cost of, and loss of, whole forests and more. And we all are pointing to someone else to fix “it”.

It seems hopeless, so “why bother” or “I’m gonna make them pay” becomes our attitude. BUT IT IS NOT HOPELESS! IT IS ALL UP FOR HEALING. And it is about each of us taking responsibility for Ourselves and what we are doing, being, allowing, and supporting in our own lives, bodies, finances, thoughts, relationships, and work.

WE have the power to change the world by changing ourselves. If we are pointing our finger at someone or something out there, and are waiting for “them” to change, we are hugely mistaken about where the true power lies to change the issues we want to change. The things we bump up against, that most rattle our cages, are the clues about what our other 4 fingers are pointing back at us to change within ourselves.

It’s about coming out of denial and blame and facing our fears. It’s about finding our joy, love, and compassion for ourselves and others. It’s about being open to new solutions and new ways of doing things. It’s about healing ourselves, growing up, and understanding that when we point our fingers, the other 4 are gently showing us where the answers to our dilemmas truly lie.

If we want something to change in our life or in the world, all we need to do is first change it inside our self, then hold the vision of that for others with our own example to the best of our ability. And not judge when our self or others are not there yet. THEN, if we are guided to go out and help someone or something out in the outer world, by all means we need to go do it. But we need to make sure we are taking care of what we need to do for our self first.

We all get to grow in our own time. And Growing we are. Look for the signs, they are everywhere just as much as the chaos is. It’s about choosing where to focus our attention and our emotion. Being our true self is as simple as owning our own truth and being willing to stand in it, no matter what someone else says or is choosing.

We are all in this together, we all matter, and we all have the power and potential to make a huge difference for good, both in our lives and on the planet, just by staying true to our highest truth and values, both in our selves and in our own lives.

It’s time to be the bright light that you know yourself to be, to take your passion and become the INNER balance, peace, love, truth, compassion, patience, acceptance, responsible being — again whatever it is that YOU want to see in your world. Choose to be these things for yourself, to yourself, within yourself, to others outside yourself, — and then watch what happens in your day to day, your relationships, your health, your work, and yes your world.

Living The Truth Of Who You Are Is That Important. Are you ready?

(Please see my business Facebook page, Lonnie’s Resonance Healing, for a wonderful short video that I received today from Marsha Hankins, on my July 13th, 2016 comment, that expresses what I say here so exquisitely).

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