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Love Artistically Imagined

Love Is Beautiful Just By Being What It Is

I say the words “I love you” often. When I say them to you, I wonder if you know exactly what I mean by them, because there are so many different frequencies of love. Some are lower and conditional, and some are higher and unconditional. Next time I say them to you, please understand that they are free of strings, judgement, and attachments. And they are rich with unconditional compassion, honoring, and respect, for you and your life’s journey. Even in all of your unhealed, resistant, impatient, enraged, fearful, dark, and wounded places… I love you! There is nothing you can say or do that would cause me to love you any less than that. I can do this, only because I practice this unconditional love with myself first.

I believe that the opposite of love, is fear and control.

What happens when you or someone else is stuck in their non-coherent behaviors? Do you fear, ridicule, fight, and judge, yourself or them? Do you want to try to control and change others? Do you put time and other limits on learning, growing, and healing? What are the 10 things you most want to see in your life, and in your world? How are you contributing to getting that, and how are you not? It only takes a quick and small inkling to know when something is off, and you are needing a change or support. And likewise for knowing what to do about it.

What’s interesting, is that we seem to ignore both of these inner realizations, until we get to the point like Popeye did, when he would say: “I can’t stands no more.” And then we try to fix our pain with all the wrong things that just numb it and prolong it. It’s the inclusion, loving, and honoring of the pain, the darkness, the hard stuff, and the doers of evil, whether they be in ourselves or others, that begins the healing of it. It is one of the most important processes on the planet, for making the positive changes we are needing and wanting. So give it a whirl and experience Love’s value first hand. I recommend starting with loving you!

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