Lonnie's Resonance Healing
Love Vigration

Many Revelations

Your relationship and response to Everything and Everyone, is your indicator of both that which is working for you, and for what you need to heal within yourself.  If something isn’t working for you, is triggering you, or you are feeling pain about it, you need to change yourself in some way to resolve the issue for yourself.

All desire for something to be more healthy, loving, and peaceful is a powerful incentive that will lead you to more joy if you stop looking to “them” to change, and start looking within yourself for solutions.

In-between here and there are many wonderful revelations worth finding on your journey.  Little gems of truth that will help you to open, expand, and inspire you, and empower you to free yourself of your fixed positions that are hurting you, keeping you in illusion and distortion, while keeping your healing incomplete, and therefore keeping you from what you most need and want.

A friend has a red quote at the bottom of all his emails he sends out, that rings so true about where our responsibility and power lies in changing anything, and it’s this:

“The Power To Change Tomorrow, Is Held In The Decision We Make Today, To Head Down A Different Path.”

Where are you wanting to experience more health, love, truth, peace, joy, or abundance? Looking within is where you’ll find all your many revelations to help you to heal, change, transform, and transcend the outer issues.

If you are feeling stuck, come work with me.

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