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October Reminder Happy Halloween

October’s Reminder

It’s that time again, to shine a little light on the truth of our lives.  There’s a party going on and we are all there.  Just like on Halloween, we have dressed up in many ways, and put on many faces, costumes, and have played many many parts.  Some scary, and some not.  And we have all chosen to portray the good, the bad, the dark and the light in our many different lives.  To be the hero and heroine and to be the evil doers.  All the archetypes have been welcome here.

None are real!  And none are nothing more than an elaborate play we have acted out and starred in.  A great big co-creative illusion, much like a movie.  

But we have forgotten this.  And we have believed it’s real and have become attached to the parts we have played, and our make believe.  We’ve hung onto our dramas, judgments, pain, and fears.  And Now it’s time to let them go, to heal, and to start living as our true selves.  It’s time to remember who we really are…  Master Spiritual Beings having a fun, joyful, learning experience, as human beings.  

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