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Joyful Discomfort - Blue Butterfly

The Joy In Discomfort

Did you know that if you try to help a butterfly in its attempts to come out of its chrysalis, that you can actually damage its ability to fly?  It’s the struggle and work and discomfort in that process, that helps the butterfly to be strong and healthy in its change from being a caterpillar to being a beautiful, magnificent butterfly.

When we change and grow, we also get out of our comfort zone.  And when we feel uncomfortable, we may try to hold on to the old ways of being.  We may even want to hightail it back to our comfort, even if it means going backward.  But this will actually cause us even more discomfort and keep us stuck in our own chrysalis state, and that will surely result in decay, pain, and possibly a premature death.

Understanding that when we feel uncomfortable in change, what we are really doing is moving into a new and higher frequency of comfort and delight.  And if we allow ourselves the patience and the wherewithal to surrender to our process, and stand firm in the temporary discomfort of the new and unknown of our next layer of learning, we will soon become accustomed to it, and find that we are just as comfortable now in our changed state, as much as we were before our forward movement.  We are in a better place.  We are being more of who we truly are.  And we are living more in alignment with our core truth, and yes at a higher vibration that may feel a little uncomfortable at first.

Discomfort is but a small matter compared to the gain, joy, and freedom that you receive from your valuable learning, healing, changing, and growing.

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