Lonnie's Resonance Healing







Are You Ready To Heal
And Be True
To Your Most Authentic Self?

Are You Ready To Stop
Denying, Ignoring, & Resisting,
Your Own Inner Knowing, and
Get Clear of Confusion and
Self Doubt?

Are You Stuck In Life Issues
That Feel Hopeless or Scary,
And Have Lost Your Way?

In Your Heart of Hearts
What Is It That You Want
More Than Anything Else?

Lonnie’s Resonance Healing Sessions Can Help You To Heal Yourself and Bring Your Dreams To Life Because They Lead You To Your Own Answers and Help You To Reconnect To Your Own Higher Power.

About Lonnie

Again, Welcome.  I am Lonnie.  I am a natural born Spiritual Healer/Teacher.  I came into this life to be of service in this capacity.  I have innate gifts, skills, and abilities, that are both natural to me and that I actively and continuously open more to, learn about, hone, and expand, through my own effort, desire, and self healing, and with my Soul’s guidance.

I am an Artist Of Life.  Not in the usual sense like painting or music.  But like these, I too work in the invisible realm of your inner world.  That is where I help you to design and align intentionally and internally to what you want, so you can create it externally in your outer world.


I am a master at teaching you with stories, questions, and humor, from an intuitive Soul level.  I have an extraordinary ability to quite simply and accurately guide you, through your own inner landscape, to YOUR OWN ANSWERS.  It’s from there, that you can start acting on your own highest truths, heal yourself, and create what matters most to you, in yourself, your work, your relationships, and your world.

I help you to get clear of both the known, and the HIDDEN; fears, blocks, limiting beliefs, patterns, discordant emotions and behaviors, and Resistance, that you may not even know are there, that are sabotaging you, and keeping you stuck.

At the same time, I help you to Entrain with your desires, and Unify all the parts of yourself, until you are In Sync with what you want.  This in turn gives you the power to create and manifest it.

What This Means, is that I naturally channel my own Higher Self Soul, and help you get in touch with yours.  I am empathic, kinesthetic, and clairsentient.

It means I hold and flow compassion, understanding, and non-judgemental healing energy, love, and light as we work together as a team, to get you aligned with what you want and unaligned with what you don’t.

It means that I am not a therapist, counselor, or coach, nor am I associated with any organization or religion.

It means I can gently, lovingly, and at your own pace, bring you to a more peaceful empowered place and a higher vibration more naturally, without force, so you become more aware, gain a new perspective, and open to options that weren’t there before we work, and can find answers, solutions, and the energy to resolve your conflicts and problems.

Because I can hear what is really being said, I am an expert at helping you to find the deeper reasons and causes behind your symptoms and issues.  You can see, feel, hear and or know, what you haven’t been able to before, and therefore are more able to create a more successful, happier, and healthier life that is in balance with Your Spiritual Needs.

What This Doesn’t Mean, is that I heal you.  I do not!  Only you can do that.

It doesn’t mean I know all about you, or that I have your answers.  I am only given what I am guided to give, in the time frame it is given.  And I will tell you that it’s true, — Spirit works in mysterious ways.  Our Souls have a way of getting our attention on things we need to heal so that we can be happy.  And the guidance given is Always for your highest good.  But sometimes our egos see this as threatening, but it is not. It is very loving.

It doesn’t mean that I am above you or that I’m better than you, or that I don’t have my own issues that I need to work on and heal myself.  I do!

In Fact…

…And I’m going to be very honest and personal here to give you a few examples of what I have healed in myself and created with this work…

I shut down this innate part of myself very early on, because of my own and others fear, judgment, and misunderstanding of my sensitivity, and knowingness of things, both unknown and invisible.

I needed to fit in, be accepted, and loved by my family, friends, and the world at large.  So that is what I indeed did.  I fit in.  I hid, numbed, suppressed, and denied who and what I am, even though I didn’t know exactly what that was myself, for a very long time, and almost to the point of killing myself.

It wasn’t until my mother was passing away from pneumonia, from the horrendous effects of her excruciating journey with breast cancer, surgery, and chemotherapy, that I began my own journey back to myself.

I was 23, feeling alone, hopeless, helpless, sick, and depressed when she died, and searching for why.  …Why does one person live and another not, when they are doing the exact same therapy for the exact same illness?

….Why is one person happy, successful, and fulfilled, when another is struggling with all kinds of traumatic issues?….  How does the Spiritual Aspects of ourselves relate to our physical bodies, disease, and creating what we want for ourselves?

I eventually found the answers to all these questions and more, through my own journey, that you may recognize in yourself.

After hitting a dead end with the traditional medical system, I began reading every self-help book I could get my hands on.  I traveled both near and far to explore and orient myself in many of the Alternative Therapies available, and I even got  myself certified in a few of them.

Before dropping out, I had already taken World Religion in high school, which gave me quite a bigger picture of the belief systems from both East and West, other than just getting to experience firsthand, both the Catholic views of my dad and Protestant views of my mom.  I got to see that most, if not all, originally came from a place of love, but more often than not, I only saw the conflicts, fear, and separation that religion seems to so inherently enforce, and I couldn’t find the answers, solace, or comfort that I was looking for and needed, in any of them.  I just felt obsolete and controlled by them.

I expanded on my knowledge with many metaphysical classes and courses, to which I became acquainted with many new and amazing ideals, philosophies, and connections.

I got to see concrete glimpses of mine and others energy fields in both good times and bad, with kirlian photography, and realized just how much we are affected by our emotional and mental bodies, our past history, personal views, and our beliefs.

I focused my thoughts and affirmed until the cows came home, and knew instinctively that I was just trying to convince myself of something that just wasn’t true for me, no matter how much I wanted it.

I studied, learned, and used, many, many useful healing modalities, such as color, light, sound, movement and breath work.

I got subtle yet powerful benefit from Network Chiropractic work, flower essences, herbal, naturopathic, and plant medicine, and aromatherapy.

I worked with the 5 elements and discovered their interrelatedness in all things, not just in myself.  I did polarity therapy, and applied acupressure to energize the meridian points.

Playing with the different family constellations helped me to understand the dynamics of my relationships more clearly, and how if I came into alignment with the appropriate order of how they naturally occur, they would become more coherent.  I could also now clear generational issues that were affecting me negatively as well.

I got to see very vividly how important it is to continually make sure that the Chakras are open, clear, and aligned.  And not just the 7 we usually hear about, but the other 5 as well.

I made massage, exercise, eating healthy, and drinking lots of clean, filtered water, a regular and daily routine in my life, and still do.

Once I trusted myself, I was thrilled and in awe of how much information I could glean about myself with kinesiology.

I enjoyed and had much fun playing with different oracle and tarot decks, which always gave me profound and insightful information into myself and on what I was asking about.

I got to see how good I was at Hands on Healing, both in person and long distance.  And I had great results with it, for myself and others in everything from anxiety and panic, to headaches and sore throats, pain, and even disease.

What I found in this long and fabulous process of self discovery, was a gratitude and respect for all these wonderful and really great tools, that have both great value and their place, in serving us well in the world of healing ourselves.

But!  And this is a really big BUT,——-Only if and when you need them, you are open to them, and you are ready for them, in the time frame when you will get the most benefit from them.

Otherwise, I know from my own whole life experience of being sick with all kinds of health challenges, watching my mother suffer with her own health crisis, and from working with hundreds of others since 1996, —-that these external tools can either be of little help, or no help at all.  They can even become a means to just fix something temporarily, rather than help you to truly Heal.

Why?  Because they almost all work from the Outside In.

I didn’t really start healing myself or manifesting what I wanted into my life until I stopped looking outside of myself for my answers and started looking Within Myself through Meditation.

What I found there was my own Higher Self Soul, and it’s wise, gentle, loving, patient, and non-judgemental wisdom and guidance.  I was led back to who I am as a Healer/Teacher, and to my innate gifts that I had covered over so long ago with other’s opinions of who I should be.

I found a deeper respect, trust, and understanding of myself and therefore the world. I found my passion and my will to live. I was led to where and to whom, and when to go to them, to get support in my healing.

Since then, I have stopped suppressing who I am in order to be liked by others.

I have healed myself of the life depleting effects of physical, mental, and sexual abuse.

Underneath my poverty issues I found connections to many other things that had nothing to do with money, and it became apparent that it was yet another way of keeping myself safe and well hidden.  I’m happy to say today that I am free of more than just debt!

I have healed myself of my addictions to cigarettes, drugs, and alcohol.  —–I’m still working on the chocolate one though.  :)

I have gone through many layers to heal a long standing rage, that gets triggered so easily and never has a reasonable intellectual explanation as to why I feel that way.  But I am healing it.  I feel the rage less often and with less intensity than ever before.  And it is one of the many things in my life that I’m very grateful for.

I’m off all anti-depressants and allergy medications.  And the cerebellum in my brain, that started bleeding again after many years from an old childhood injury, is now fully healed.

When I was a teen, I was in a bad car accident, that left me with a very painful and constant, de-energizing whiplash, that I had for at least a decade and could find no relief for, no matter what I did, until I started doing this work.  It’s been gone for almost 15 years now and has not returned.

I am free of the severe, painful, and sometimes debilitating Hiatal Hernia, and all the prescription drugs that doctors said I’d be on for the rest of my life.  And in finding the reasons and causes behind the hernia, I found it wasn’t just a problem with food.

The list of health issues I have struggled with are either gone or are lessening.  From the dry mouth that woke me up nightly choking, to the chronic constipation, that also were not just food or water issues; to the equilibrium loss and dizziness that I endured on and off for years, as a result of an inner ear problem that I had since before my mother passed.  My hair is starting to grow back in after losing more than half of it and I am ecstatic about healing all these things and more.  It’s so great to feel good!

The scars on my face that were left on my face from having adult acne when my Dad went into fear of me and disowned me for speaking my truth, are now starting to become a little less visible without any outside service to help do so.  And as a side note here, my dad did come back into my life, very lovingly before he passed, after I did much work on myself to allow and detach and forgive.  It was quite a gift.  This is important in that, when we do our own work, the people around us can and do change too.

I recently found out that I was only absorbing about 30% of the nutrition from the healthy, fresh, yummy organic food I eat, and have now gotten that up to taking in between 90% and a 100%. —Again, it wasn’t a food issue.

I am in the process of completely healing the double vision, migraine headaches, and asthma, that have plagued me, and that I have suffered profusely with, all my life.  I say “I’m in the process”, because I’m not there yet.  They get better and then they get worse again, which is very common in any healing work, when you are working on deep issues.  But I have already seen great strides forward here as well.

My love of life has gone through the roof, and cannot be brought down for long by the bumps along the way.  I am more relaxed, peaceful, and at ease, both within myself and in the world.

I am more honest, loving, clearer, and cleaner in all my relationships, and have lovingly let go of those that are finished, and a few that were toxic.  I am more accepting of myself and others.

The reason you are seeing this website at all is because I have released the fear and EXTREME TERROR and RESISTANCE around coming out of hiding, as well as the vows, contracts, and promises I made with myself in past lives, to not ever come out of hiding again, because I was betrayed, hurt, brutally maimed, tortured, and even violently killed for being who I am, and for doing this work.  It is a huge thing that my Soul wants me to heal this life time, and is behind many of the health challenges I have spoken about here.  But I will still ask that you please not shoot the messenger, should you decide to work with me.  :o LOL

Over the years, I have helped people heal and get unstuck on the other side as well, so they could move on into the Light, and I have learned much from this process, and from them. This year I was guided to take a course on the evolved form of Reiki, called Eminent Reiki™, that works with healing and integrating both the Masculine/Feminine Aspects of ourselves, and have recently been initiated into the first degree.  In 2010 I was initiated as a Master Teacher in Magnified Healing®.  I am loving being both an ongoing student and teacher of Higher Universal Spiritual Truth.

I have created thriving, abundant, fulfilling work that is both meaningful and fun, and is making a difference for good in the world, and I get to do it from the comfort of my own home.  It’s one of my own dreams that have come true!

But before this, I tried my hand at a lot of jobs that just were not quite right for me, even taxi driving.  I finally landed on cleaning other’s homes and did it for many years.  I loved it, was paid well for it, had fun doing it, and was appreciated, loved and even accepted as part of their families, something I was very much needing at the time.  And I learned a lot about having my own business, even though the work was very hard for me physically.  Again, I now can see that it was a way to keep myself well hidden, as well as to get me ready for the work I do now.  I learned not only how to Serve, but I also realized that I was cleaning out more than just people’s homes.  In my loving them, listening to them, and talking with them, I was also helping them to clear out their energy fields, and to raise their frequencies as well, and it was the reason why I was so fulfilled in my work.

Another dream I am living, is that I am sharing my life with Bruce Nordell, my true love and best friend.  We have an incredible, healthy, respectful, and very loving marriage that continues to get ever better.  We grow, get over any rough spots, and evolve both ourselves and our relationship through communicating with, listening to, and encouraging each other; playing, and having fun together, massaging, caring for, and giving to each other, getting our Guidance, and doing this work that I do.

This past year we moved into our amazing beautiful dream home, and live with our very dear, funny, and loving friend, who is a healer teacher in her own right, our kitty Echo.  We live at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, where we enjoy living and doing some of our favorite things like hiking, picnicking, riding our bikes, learning, meditating, drumming, kissing; watching and being in Mother Nature in all her glory, listening to music, reading great books when there’s time, Re-seeing old Grand movies every now and again, and seeing new ones– if and when they come around, going to magic shows, and laughing together.  I love my life.

Lonnie Nordell

I am committed to fully healing myself and continuing to live my bliss, and to helping others do the same; walking my talk, living in balance, loving in 5D, and following my Soul’s guidance in ALL areas of my life, even in the face of fear and other’s disapproval.  And to seeing the Divinity and Oneness in all things and in all people.

In Love, Light, & Gratitude,




About Sessions

Lonnie Nordell's Resonance Healing Sessions

I love my work because I love people. It is one of my greatest joys and a privilege to be helping them in their personal lives. So I thought I’d start with some of their own words about working with me. My love and gratitude to each of you, who shared your hearts and voices here.

Lonnie has been instrumental in my healing and personal growth. I’ve been working with Lonnie for just over a year, and I’m a completely different person than I was when I first started working with her. Be open to her work and she will show you the power of it. I was in a deep dark place, and through it all and above all, Lonnie loved me when I couldn’t love myself. I treasure her gift and friendship.
Katie Mcaskill , WA

I talk to Lonnie because it allows me to think about my life, events, and interactions in a way that I’m unable or unwilling to look at or consider.  The interactions also allow new readings/information into my life which I normally do not take in.
John Fox, WA

I feel so amazing!  Writing this makes me cry because you have helped me to find myself.  I was lost and dying, and now I am out of a caustic marriage and making my dreams come true.
Mischa Marie Estrada, WA

President/Founder, GalvanizeME

What a journey we are on—–  Thank you for being exactly who you are! for being part of my journey and helping me find my way!
Sam Dunham, WA

Thanks Lonnie,  you make it easy to be honest and real with myself because I trust you deeply.
Suzanne Rouge', CO

My back feels so much better. It’s like something fell into place and healed itself. Thank you for not giving up on me. I am so glad to be doing this work with you. I feel so much better, lighter, joyful.  I missed feeling happy for so long, I can’t stand to not feel good. This helps me recognize when I am off balance and to get back in balance. My triggers are less and I am Happy!  You are Love! And a Light in a dark world. I’m going to tell others about you.
Felecia M, CO

From the first phone conversation several months ago, Lonnie has listened patiently to me and helped me rethink some old memories and revisit some serious wounds.  Lonnie is very gifted and insightful.  She has helped me dig deep and I have found peace.  My future will be meaningful and satisfying.  I treasure her as “part of my team.”
Matt Mair, WA

I feel blessed to have Lonnie as my wife for 31 years, and I’m grateful for the tools, skill, and knowledge she has developed through the years. When I feel stuck in one of life’s issues, whether it be at work, or at home, I can do a session with Lonnie to help me see what’s behind it, and often times it is at a deeper level than the situation at hand, and outside of my awareness. Lonnie has taught me what an energy constriction is and how to do an energy release. This tool is particularly useful at work when things get frustrating. Our marriage is stronger because of Lonnie, and I’m glad I’m on this spiritual journey with her!
Bruce Nordell, CO

Your work is a huge inspiration along with being just the healing I need at this time. Thanks for helping me let my light shine, and awakening my connection with my guidance. You change my life with your work and not just when we have a session, but forever after.
Matney Cook, WA

Thank you SO much for the session. I continue to marvel at how you work, it is so effective and efficient.
Denise Wockner, WA

Thank you Lonnie!!  I better pay for 2 sessions, because I ALWAYS feel better after we talk.
Ellen Henke, WA

Thank you for the back to back sessions, especially part 2. It was very enlightening, you did a great job covering all the issues in an hour, and keeping me on track when I felt very stressed, and scattered. I was all over the board and you still followed guidance, kept your cool and got me through it.
Victoria Hoganson, WA

Thank you for helping me to realize the answers are within.  I value your work and your shifting genius.
A.F., CA

Lonnie, Thanks a ton for today’s work. It is hard but fun and important. The work/you have taken away my drinking. The idea of drinking comes up as a habit, but I have lost some interest.
Paul, Maine

I did it!  I stuck up for myself. I don’t deserve to be talked down to and to just passively take junk from other people. Thank you for your clarity and all your work with me. I appreciate you.
N. Alexander, AL

Thank you for my most amazing transformation yet!  (I say that all the time don’t I !)  So many wonderful things are happening in my life and you have been key in showing me how to let go of the old stuff and keep up with the wonderful changes and invite them in.
Karen Irland, WA

The work Works.
Kristen Bendixsen, WA

I feel more relaxed and I am able to speak my piece and make measured decisions rather than panicky ones. Thank you for making the world (and my world) a better place.
Cyndy Hill, CO

I wanted to say…THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!   I tell people you are my life coach…The Best Life Coach EVER!  And probably the best friend anyone can ask for.  Life can get so hectic that we lose sight of the goal.  To live a happy and joyful life.  And you remind me of that each time we talk.  And while I don’t fully understand all that you do, I know it works, because my life is better in every way.  You continue to help me navigate through today’s challenges.  And will help me through tomorrow’s as well.  I think back on the last several years and wonder where I’d be without you.  I’m grateful to have you in my life and look forward to our next talk.  I love you Lonnie!  And did I say THANK YOU!
Charlie Guyot, WA

How can I thank you for your liberating work?  I am so pleased to have your guidance in helping me live at a Higher level. Plus like I said, it’s so much fun!
Marina Poling, CO

Thank you for helping me heal. Thank you for the work, (the joyful, light filling, laughter inducing work) that I do with you. I am filled with gratitude and love.
Kelly Joy, WA

I have worked with Lonnie for the past couple of years and have been amazed and humbled by the power of this work. Being human, I have lots of little and big challenges in life, and initially went to Lonnie to help with those. But over multiple sessions I found I was working on a bunch of other things that were not top of mind, nor did I believe associated with the specific issues I initially wanted to solve. I have no idea how this works, but I have absolutely no doubt as to its power to effect change in me.
Don Coyner, WA

I haven’t been able to cry in years and with your help I finally did!  I know I have more to do, but it is a wonderful beginning. Blessings to you and your phenomenal work. You are one of the best practitioners I have ever worked with.
Leslie Boydston, WA

Lonnie is an amazing guide!  Her ability to dive deep within your psyche and clear up knots and bottlenecks is unparalleled – all while keeping you relaxed yet focused. I highly recommend her.
Venkat Devraj, CO

The real glorious Spirit of who I am is arising. I trust you!  I’m grateful.
Susan Jones, KS

Lonnie you are a Beautiful Soul and you bring love, a smile, joy, and higher truth where ever you go. Thank you for helping me to “see” a better world. I cherish the time, the work and our connection together.
Charlotte K. CO

I was able to open up and be transparent to you in a way that I never have before to anyone. It feels vulnerable, but also safe and good. I trust you. A rather even bigger breakthrough was the gift of a new realization, understanding and acceptance of my innate goodness, and of my inner guide as it is, in and of itself, to acknowledge its existence and perhaps for the first time ever in my life, to love it, and give it free voice in my being. I am excited by this, and filled with wonder at where it will lead.
Thank you for being you.
Andrew Baklinski, WA

I am so grateful for what you do, who you are, and what we have created together.
Barbara Edwards, MI

From my Soul to yours, thank you for the work you do. Rock on Lonnie!
Eileen R. IL

It’s so wonderful to have you in my life Lonnie. Thank you for being brave enough to be all you are called to be; for your compassion, your guidance, and being an example of a strong authentic woman, living from her heart, believing in truth, and miracles, and love. I know you are God’s one of a kind gift to so many. I feel honored to know you, and appreciate you more than I can say. Thank you for encouraging me to dare to believe in myself and the opportunity to learn from you.
R.N., WA

Working with you is Life Changing!
Nancy Mack, WA

Each session has a substantial, cumulative, and profoundly beneficial effect on my everyday life. A session with Lonnie releases unhelpful thoughts more effectively than 10 psychotherapy sessions.
Jon, CO

If you’d like to hear more about my sessions, free of the ads, just click on the play button for the radio interview I did with hosts Mary Jane Mack, the beautiful, gifted, and talented Medical Intuitive, and expert Nutritionist, and her daughter Nancy Mack, whose own beauty, gifts, and talents are also making the world a better place and definitely more fun.

Lonnie Nordell on the Mary Jane Mack show.

Having The Desire For Something Is Not Enough!  You Must First Resonate With It In Your Inner World Before You Can Create It In Your Outer World.

Sessions take about an hour or so.  They can be done over the phone or in person here in my home/office.

I schedule sessions and answer questions mostly by email, because it’s quicker and easier for you, because I mostly work over the phone.  My schedule is usually about a week out.  The cost is $95 each, and $40 each for the once a month small group classes.  If you need extra support outside of sessions I charge $1 dollar a minute for these consultations.  I take checks and both MasterCard and Visa.

If they give me their permission, Animal’s sessions are $75 each, done by proxy, and comes with a fair warning about something I discovered from working with them a long time ago.  That is: about 95% of the time, the session is usually not about them; it is their way of getting YOU in for a session.

If you decide you want a session with me, please read my Terms Of Service on my Contact page before your session.  Thank you.  


Sessions are confidential and I ask that if I am working with more than one family member, or with couples, or friends, that you too, keep in mind what to share about your own session, and what not to.  These are very private and personal and need to be respected by all parties.

We work together as a team, at Your Own Pace, and with Your Own Body/Mind/Spirit bio-feedback system, which I access with kinesiology, and is also how I check your Resonance with something.  It is a spectacular tool for seeing very clearly and accurately what you are in alignment with that no longer serves you, and if you are in alignment with your new intentions for yourself, and what it is that you now want to create in your life.  I can do this both long distance as well as in person.

I also guide you with stories, questions, and humor from a Soul level, both yours and mine.  That is why this work works so well, because it is so specific to you.  This Work Is Never One Size Fits All.  When you get your own answers, you empower yourself.  And when you do that, you get to the exact help you need now, to get unstuck, move forward, and live more authentically and powerfully in alignment with your own highest values and truths, and in balance with Your own Soul’s Guidance for you.

Any Issue You May Have Is Welcome.

Lonnie’s Resonance Healing Sessions help you zero in on and clear the real issues,— the fears, blocks, discordant & limiting beliefs, patterns, behaviors, and emotions that are behind your symptoms and problems fairly quickly and simply, so you can become a vibrational match to what you are wanting.  You can free yourself from all that doesn’t serve you, that isn’t working for you, and that you no longer need or want.

You begin to heal yourself, and create a higher state of energy, balance, harmony, clarity, wellbeing, and success; —Whatever matters most to you.  The more sessions you have, the more alive you become.

When you are happy, healthy, peaceful, clear, and present, — that’s what you bring to your world.  You are a better partner, wife, husband, mother, father, employer, employee, friend, care taker, human being, and steward of not only your own life, but of Mother Earth.

I have worked with hundreds of people since 1996.  I work with professional people and leaders in their fields and communities; people who are committed to their own personal growth, and those who want to make the world a better place.

I work with starving artists who are ready to quit starving.  I work with other healers and teachers.

I work with sensitive children when I am guided to, and with people from all walks and all ages.  And I am in awe of what I’ve seen them create in all areas of their lives, and in their businesses.

I specialize in freeing people who suffer from the pain of addiction and fear.  To see more of how I work, what I do in this work, and what this work has helped myself to heal and create, please read: About Lonnie.

My work respects and works well with any other healing service, modality, and body work that you may be doing.

Miracles can and do happen in this work, but more often than not it is a process.  If something has been stuck for a long time, you will need to be committed to doing this work and get a momentum going.  We will work together to see what is the highest plan for you.  For example, it could be once a week for awhile, or 2 times a month, etc.

And for the record– you know the drill,– YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOURSELF — and for doing whatever it is you know you need to do for yourself, and for healing yourself.  I am only a guide to help you to get to your own answers, and I will stay out of your process unless I am guided to call or say something outside of a session.  Otherwise when a session is complete, it is complete, unless you want to schedule another time.  I will never tell you what to do!  Nor do I claim that you will heal yourself or that you will create what you want with my work, I just know that it is possible.

Whether you decide to work with me or not, please be gentle, loving, and patient with both yourself and your process.  You cannot push the river, and no matter how long it takes, in my opinion, it is always worth the journey.

The most frequently asked question I get, is “how long will it take for me to heal and create what I want?”  There really is no good answer to that question and here’s why…

First, there is no way to tell how much work or how many layers you’ve already cleared out of your way, and which one we are starting with, or even how much hidden resistance you might have to clear first.  There is a formula that I have heard about that seems to ring pretty true in my own work.  And that is “for every year that you have had an issue, or have been stuck, you need to plan to work on it, for about 4 sessions a month.”

And second, a funny thing happens in this work.  Let’s say you come in for a session, because you want A.  So we work on it together and you get A.  Now that you have A out of your way, you can now see that what you really want is B.  But you can’t see B, until you have A under your belt.  So say, you are needing to get to E or G in your life, or even Z, you won’t even be able to see it until you get the preceding issues out of your way and start getting what you want thus far.  In other words you can’t skip steps in your process.

It’s quite a natural and magical journey to experience, and makes going through the layers of your onion very interesting and can even be fun.  You can take this work as far as you want to.  And as of yet, I have seen no limits to this work.

You Can Heal Yourself!  And You Can Create What Matters Most To You!  All you have to do is get out your own way by getting to the roots of what is keeping you stuck, and not just on the conscious level, but in the hidden, sub-conscious levels as well.

It doesn’t have to hurt or even be hard.  What takes long and hard effort, and IS hurting you, is to stay stuck.  It may be familiar, but it sucks!!!

When you take your attention off of the issues and symptoms and raise your vibration, you open a door to new alternatives you haven’t even thought about before.

If you are wanting something, Anything At All, and it is not manifesting, there is a reason.  Your Inner Resonance is the key, and may be keeping you hostage from getting what you want.

So for example, if you are Resonating with “I’m not good enough”, even if you are not aware of it, you will attract in people and experiences that re-enforce that for you.  And then when you shift that Resonance to “I am good enough”, you will begin to Attract In people, work, situations, and experiences that reflect that, back to you.  You cannot change people and situations outside of yourself.  But if You Change You, by tapping into your own Higher wisdom and power, and then start Resonating with what you do want, and shifting your Resonance with what you don’t, You Will Change Your World.

Resonating with something does not mean it’s true, it just shows you what you are in alignment with, and what kind of energy you are attracting and creating from.  Also, just for your information, kinesiology is NOT your Guidance.  Again it is just a tool to see what you are resonating with.  You need to go Within to get your guidance.

Similar to tuning a radio to the station you want, when you Resonate with your desire, you align with it, and enhance your ability to create it.  Like energy ALWAYS attracts like energy.  Wishing, wanting, affirming, and even believing you can have something is only a first step, in creating it.  You need to align with it, Resonate with it, before you can manifest it.

There are many ways to Heal Yourself and Create.  This is just one.  And it’s been my experience, that it is one of the quickest and simplest ways to do this on the planet at this time, because we work from The Inside Out, with Your Own Higher Knowing to create a bridge, which helps you to get clear of the Core Reasons and Causes behind your issues, triggers, and buttons that are being pushed.

The reason I do this work is because I have so much love and compassion for people who are in pain, fear, and who are stuck, and who may not even know they are in Resistance to what it is that will help them to heal themselves and live in their bliss, and in alignment with their Higher Self Soul’s plan for them.  And I know you don’t have to stay stuck in fear or pain.— It’s Heart Stuff!

I invite you to come out of the darkness and into the Light Of Who You Really Are, Awaken to your own Divine Wholeness, and Bring Your Dreams To Life.  Stop settling for things you know could be better and stop living someone else’s dreams.  Start Loving your own.   It’s Important.

It’s Time!  Look Within!

If this work sounds like it’s for you, email me and we’ll get started.  If not, I root you on in finding what works for you.  Just don’t ever give up!  You don’t need to be living in any way that doesn’t feel good.  If you decide you want to work with me please read my Terms Of Service.

Have A Wonderful Day!  Namaste.

I AM Lonnie

Contact Lonnie Nordell

Follow Your Heart

Contact Lonnie

Lonnie Nordell

2466 Wyandotte Dr.

Fort Collins, CO 80526

(970) 221-3890


Terms of Service


  1. You are fully responsible for yourself!  That means you are responsible across the board!


  • Getting to a doctor if you need to.
  • Getting to your appointments on time.
  • Taking any notes you want, doing any homework that may be requested to help you integrate your work, and keeping track of your own progress etc.
  • Asking questions if you need to, so you can understand something better.
  • Making payments either on the day of your session or the next business day.
  • Giving me 24 hour notice if you can’t make your appointment. You will be charged full price if you don’t unless I’m guided otherwise.
  • This honors me and my time as well as others who may want to take your appointment. I do know things come up in life that does interfere with the best of intentions. But just know that Resistance can come up as well, and I will trust my guidance on whether or not to charge you for missed appointments.
  1. I have two rules in my work:
  • First since I’m channeling my own soul and using my own guidance to work with you, I ask that you run anything and everything that comes out of my mouth through your own guidance. If it’s for you, great!  If not, please let it go for now and bring it up in your session if you need to.
  • The second rule is you need to please be comfortable in interrupting me for any reason. We work together as a team here, and this work gets real personal real fast. And you know you better than anyone. So please honor that and what you need. It can be as simple as you have a question, you need to go slower or faster, you need to go to the bathroom, someone is at your door, you need some time to release either through tears or movement, you want to talk about something or to get clearer about something. Anything, anything at all.
  1. Just so you are aware, three things can happen in this work.
  • You can detox – like you might get a headache for example.
  • The next layer can come up right away and what we just worked on gets louder.
  • You can go into Resistance; and that means that even though you want something on the conscious level, you may not want it on the sub-conscious level, because of fear or more limiting beliefs.

Some people experience at least one or two of these things, some all three, and some not at all. We just don’t want you to needlessly struggle. If you need to call me or email about something, please don’t hesitate. I’ll be happy to help if I can.

  1. Having your privacy with this work is essential, as is being comfortable.

You can lie down, sit up, or even stand during your session. You can take notes if you’d like, and I recommend having water and kleenex nearby.  Again, just do what you need to do for you. It’s important!

  1. Know that this work is confidential even for children.

Everyone needs a safe place to do this work so I will not talk to you about your child’s session unless I’m guided to, or there is a potential that they might be hurting themselves or others.

  1. Not all sessions feel good, or even feel like you did anything at all, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t working.

They are!  So an analogy for this is like putting a puzzle together. Some pieces just don’t have anything on them, but are still needed to complete the puzzle.  It could also mean that you are going into Resistance. Trust yourself in knowing what it is for you.

  1. Please know that I make no claims that you will heal yourself or that you will create what you want with this work. I only know it’s possible.

And please know that if something has been stuck for a long time, you will probably need to do this work for a while to get enough of “the gunk” out of your way, and plant enough “seeds” to see results in your outer world. We are working on an energetic invisible level, but even so you should feel lighter, or even closer to what you want in every session unless you are having one of those sessions I named above.

  1. If something comes up in a session that you don’t want to talk about, know that you don’t have to!
  1. And For In House Sessions: I ask that you please remove your shoes upon entering and bring slippers or socks if you’d like, so you are comfortable. And Please Don’t Wear Any Perfume Or Cologne. It’s important. Thank You.

I look forward to working with you, Lonnie.


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Celebrating Lonnie ~ October 1, 1961 – April 16, 2018

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Love Is Beautiful Just By Being What It Is

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Like Energy Always Attracts Like Energy

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The Bridge To Everything You Want Is Within You

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It’s Time to Heal

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Love & Peace Are A Choice

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Healing My Fear Of Fear

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Many Revelations

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October’s Reminder

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Happy Autumn!

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Everyone Has a Story

Everyone Has a Story

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The Power of Choice

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Revisiting Love

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Persistence Pays Off

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Bam! A small, big bright eyed, green eyed, long haired, beautiful, multicolored, gorgeous kitten, with a tail longer than her body, suddenly, very loudly, and very lovingly appeared on our back door step, and made it known that she had …

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Reflections of Yourself

Reflections of Yourself

Reflections appear in as many forms as there are people, situations, and events. You can have negative reflections, which are anything or anyone that trigger you and push your buttons. And you can have positive reflections, which is where you admire or see something in the world or in someone else that you like, but you are not yet aware that the same quality is within yourself. All are mirrors that help you to see what you need to heal and/or accept in yourself.

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Simple Support

Simple Support

When you are on edge, stressed, in pain, or feeling stuck in negative emotion, take a moment and sit down. Relax. Begin to gently breathe in and out through your nose. Breathe in through your…

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