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Flight of Freedom

It’s All About Love!

Every single thing in your life that isn’t working, that is stuck, not healing, that makes you feel angry, sad, afraid, lost, controlling, crazy, judgmental, out of integrity, blaming, rigid, hurt, sick, anxious, mean, or any other discordant emotion, is really about Love at the Core Level.

The love you needed and wanted, but you didn’t get. The love that you didn’t receive, accept, or acknowledge. The love that was given to you, but wasn’t good enough for you, or that you misunderstood for something else, or that was even disguised as something else.

The love you did receive, but it wasn’t enough, or it was given in a way you didn’t want or need, or that you judged and thought it should’ve been given differently.

The love You Gave, that wasn’t what someone else needed or wanted and therefore was not received, accepted, appreciated, or acknowledged. The love you gave, but it was rejected, judged and or misunderstood for something else.

It’s All About Self Love!

Love Transcends ALL. Hold this truth in your heart for both yourself and others
— and you will be free.