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Everything Matters & Nothing Matters

I‘m funny in that when I write a blog on my website or an entry on Facebook, I always try to follow my Soul’s guidance on what to say to the best of my ability. About 2 months ago, I was guided to write about paradox. You know, those contrary little statements that literally oppose each other, but are both true.

Well my lower self hates paradox (or at least used to), and so went into rebellion and has resisted writing anything, anywhere, ever since. So, you know the drill, anytime something triggers us, we have the option of doing nothing about it, or we go to work on clearing and healing why we are triggered. I chose to do both. At first I ignored the call. And then I chose to work on healing and clearing myself of all that is in the way, of me writing what my higher self is guiding me to. And as of today, I’ve not only broken through the resistance, but have become a lot more clearer on the subject, and am less triggered by it.

So here goes… I am writing on the paradox “Everything Matters and yet Nothing Matters.” Just hearing those words used to piss me off to my core. Well not anymore! This is an important subject and I feel ready to explore it with you now. So, open your heart and mind to what may be a whole new spiritual perspective for you, and enjoy.

Many of us know that life is contradictory in its nature, and we may have even heard that life is a game of sorts, an illusion. And, indeed it is. We created it, every single one of us. No one is here by accident. We each chose to be here, and we each chose, and are choosing now, to play certain roles with each other.

It’s these roles that we have played, that helped us to forget who we are, so we could play the game. It was a fun game, and no one knew how it would go. We played our roles well, and we did forget who we are as Divine Love, and One with each other, and with the God/Goddess.

We did this to see if we could still love un-conditionally, forgive others and ourselves, come from compassion and understanding, etc., when someone trespassed against us, hurt us, pushed our buttons, angered us, are different than us, etc. etc.; to see if in our forgetfulness, we could still honor each other, ourselves, and the planet.

Yes, even Mother Earth and all her kingdoms are in on the game. And now it’s time to end the game. We all are being called on to remember who we truly are. It’s from these 2 opposite states of being: Being God, and then forgetting that we are God, that the paradox “everything matters and yet nothing matters” comes from.

Another goal of the game is to have fun, learn, grow, serve, heal, and create, in integrity with our own truth. And the more we do this, the more we raise our energy, frequency, joy, peace, health, and vibration. And it’s in this process,— that “NOTHING MATTERS”. There is no judgment in how we or others played, and or, are playing the game. If there is, you need to heal that. You can’t have any judgment to go home to your Self. Everything needs to be healed to go home, our judgments, fears, false beliefs, limiting behaviors, and discordant emotions.

Now this is where “EVERYTHING MATTERS” and comes into play. It is our ATTITUDE, towards everything, that either takes us further away from going home and ending the illusion, or takes us forward into remembering ourselves as Divine Beings. It’s our attitude, and healing ourselves fully, that will help us to return home to our Selves. We set it up this way. No one gets off the reincarnation wheel until they do, and no one else can do it for us.

We are each powerful beings of love and light, and it’s time to remember that and heal. As you know, there are layers to everything, even truth. I’ve scratched the surface here on some new subjects and planted some new seeds for you to explore for yourself. And I am happy that I healed myself enough to follow my soul’s guidance and my own truth.

I have changed and evolved in this process of healing. And I sense that a new phase of my service has opened up, even though I don’t know what that exactly entails yet. None of which is uncommon when we choose to get out of our own way and follow our intuition, which is one way we get our souls guidance.

Imagine what the world will look like when we have full living masters, who have healed themselves and who have come into full remembrance of themselves as Spiritual Beings of Light and Love, living on the planet. It is where we’re going. The planet is in such disarray and is showing us very clearly that we need to awaken from our forgetfulness, and is showing us exactly what our triggers are and what needs healing. We are only responsible for healing ourselves and for following our own Knowing.

Ok, Happy Thanksgiving To you.

In love, light, & gratitude!



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