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Like Energy Always Attracts Like Energy

I say these words often in my work: Like energy always attracts like energy.   But what exactly do they mean?.  For starters, they mean that whatever you are experiencing in your life, whether you view it is as good, bad, or in-between, it is there because you are in alignment with it on some level.  Nothing can be in your life unless you have attracted it in with your own energy.  It doesn’t even matter whether it is conscious to you or not.  Your inner resonance always creates your outer world experience.  Change it and you change everything.

So, for example, about a month ago I “got” bronchitis.  If it’s true that my energy is what attracted it in, then what was I doing or not doing, believing, thinking, and feeling, that would’ve attracted that in?.  In hindsight, I can tell you that on the conscious level, for weeks before I got sick, I was pushing myself.  I was not drinking enough water, I was ignoring my body’s needs for rest, and I was feeling angry about something at that time that I was not willing to look at deeper, which would’ve helped me find and heal, both the conscious and the sub-conscious false beliefs of powerlessness and victimization that I was resonating with, and that was behind the anger and triggering it.

In essence I was creating a weakened immune system.  So, by the time Bruce, my husband, came home sick with something that was going around his work, I easily caught it too.  I normally don’t “catch” things like this that others are experiencing, because I do take such good care of myself.  This is one small example of like energy attracting in like energy.

To anyone who does not know this universal truth, it would seem like I had some bad luck in getting sick, or that I was a victim to the illness.  But if you look deeper, I was resonating with being a victim and was hurting my immune system by not taking care of myself.  So of course, I attracted in “catching” bronchitis.  And I do want to mention here, that I didn’t actually heal the bronchitis until almost a month later when I found and cleared the inner resonance with powerlessness and being a victim.

The good news is that since we are the creator of our experiences, because we are the one attracting all our experiences in with our energy, we also have the power to change our experiences to whatever we are wanting and needing now.  There is no such thing as being a victim. We can play that part, but again it’s our inner resonance with being a victim that pulls in energy and experiences that looks like we are a victim.

Albert Einstein once said “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it.  Match the frequency of the reality You want and You cannot help but get that reality.  It can be no other way.”