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Two Hearts

Looking for Love?

The end! That’s where we usually start. Whether it’s our day, or a desire, or a project, or a relationship that we are wanting to create. We generally go straight through the present moment to what we assume we need to be doing in any given hour to accomplish it. Instead of taking time to listen to what our core truth is on the subject, we override our knowing, and bound ever on, head long into a future end, that we assume is our truth. And then in our floundering to create it, at whatever cost, out of fear, false beliefs, and as a means to please others, we find that we are looking for love in all the wrong places, and in all our striving, we find that it only takes us further away from it.

But when we are ready, we will come back into the balance of our heart and mind, and the marriage of our inner sacred feminine and masculine. We will Listen first, and Act second. And we will find Love in its most healthy, beautiful, and beneficial place, where it is all encompassing, unconditional, and always available. Love is found Within and is easily accessible, safe, and will help lead you to whatever the highest plan is for you to create. And it will give you the steps to create it, so you have more flow, joy and peace in the process. You stay in the present, and move moment to moment, to more blissful, loving outcomes, without all your outer force, control, manipulation, might, and fury.

To find Love in the outer world you need to first find it in your inner world. Love is not out there somewhere, nor is it the end result, it’s here now.