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Love & Peace Are A Choice

As our world turns upside down and gets uglier, and war and hate and judgment amplify, we do have a choice whether to engage in it or not.

It’s the perfect time to own your Brilliance and shine your Love and Light into all the dark places you are aware of and encounter, both inside and outside of yourself.

Big change is upon us in every corner of our lives and it’s a good thing, even though it sometimes feels  uncomfortable, unfamiliar and unyielding.  It is Divine opportunity for doing things differently, and in a new, beneficial, and better way.  Even if it doesn’t feel like it now, we are heading there.

Choosing love and peace is our right, our freedom, and our responsibility, even if, and especially when, others are choosing something else.  They need not take us along for the ride, for it will only add to the problems that seem hopeless and scary, and that are crying out for change.

However this does not mean lying down and taking crap either.  It means holding your love and peace and only acting if and when you are guided to.

Doing, and staying persistent in, whatever things work for you to raise your energy, vibration, and health, are always going to help you stand firm in your core truth, no matter what issues you are facing.

For me it is going to the mountains, meditating, doing clearing work, seeing the humor and illusion in things, and getting my inner guidance, trusting it, and following it to the best of my ability.

You can’t change other people, but you can change yourself.  And By Choosing, Holding, Sending, Being, And Accepting Love And Peace, You Amplify Love And Peace.