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Deer in Forest

Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes!

Everything changes in life! ¬†Look out your window and you’ll see exactly what I mean. Nature is constantly on the move, never is it stagnate. We are the only ones who try to hold on. We hold on to both; things that are working and those things that aren’t for different reasons, and usually somewhere in there it is about Fear. So we stagnate, procrastinate, control, doubt, numb, blame others, ignore and Resist what we know we need, to heal ourselves and live happier lives.

Nothing changes if nothing changes is a lie, because it does. Whether you do the changing consciously, proactively and with positive intention, or sub-consciously, negatively and by default,

You Will Change!!

One way is empowering, loving, nurturing, and fun, and the other Not So Much.

The choice is always yours.