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Persistence Pays Off

Are you lolly-gagging?  Do you know what your next step is, or even what you want at all?  Feeling stuck, impatient, joyless, or overwhelmed?  Is your own or other’s judgement of you, your desire, or your process, stealing your focus and wasting your time?  Does something unknown stop you before you ever get started?  Will you get what you want if you keep doing any of these things?

No!  We all know that these things and more, hold us back from creating what we want.  So how the hell do you stop it?

You start by first seeing that you are doing the best you can right at this moment, or you would be doing things differently.  Have compassion for yourself.  And know that you are just temporarily in your own way, and that you can get out of your own way, by calling in support.  You have an array of both spiritual support and worldly support that you can ask to help you, to clear the blocks, toxic self talk, self sabotage, fear and false beliefs that are controlling you.

Are you willing to have what you say you want?  All worthwhile, beneficial, beautiful, balanced, magnificent, surprising creation, co-creation, healing, and manifestation, is worth the time, energy, and persistence we put into it.  Without it, we may end up with rushed, problematic, unbalanced, unbeneficial, half-assed results that hurt everyone.  Or we have no results at all.

It’s That Important!

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