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Reflections of Yourself

Reflections appear in as many forms as there are people, situations, and events. You can have negative reflections, which are anything or anyone that trigger you and push your buttons. And you can have positive reflections, which is where you admire or see something in the world or in someone else that you like, but you are not yet aware that the same quality is within yourself. All are mirrors that help you to see what you need to heal and/or accept in yourself.

It’s from our inner resonance that we pull in and attract these outer reflections so we can change them. Otherwise they hurt us and control us. And they do get louder until we heal them. When someone or something outside ourselves has the power to knock us off our center, upset us, and cause us pain, fear, anger, and frustration, it is something we need to heal within ourselves, or it could not be triggering us. It’s the same for the positive. If you need or want a quality and you see it in someone else, but not in yourself, it’s just another reflection of yourself that is already within you, but you are not in alignment with it yet.

These reflections can be a direct mirror, or even be a hidden, indirect mirror. If you are in judgment of anyone or anything, then you are in self judgment. It’s just easier to see it out there than in yourself. The outside world is Always reflecting back to you your inner world.

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