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Two Paths | Revisiting Love

Revisiting Love

What do you do when someone who has cared about you, turns away from you, judges you, misunderstands you, or just feels the need to move on?  Or they die?  Whatever the case may be, you are now in unfamiliar territory. How do you respond?  With hurt, envy, anger, sadness, or blame?  Or do feel like you want revenge?

We’ve all been there. It can be a scary, lonely time. But what happens to the love you once shared with this person?  Do you lose it?  Do you turn it into resentment or even hatred?  Do you try to hold on?  Or what’s even more maddening, do you try to figure them and what happened out?  Do you try to change them and work harder at keeping them from moving on?

Are YOU, the one needing to withdraw for a while, or needing to leave someone behind?  Do you feel guilty or shame about it?  Or do you hang on and try to change them, or worse yet keep yourself from going?  Do you feel remorse and try to get them to understand why you need to go?

Either way, you are fighting the natural course of what is happening, what needs to happen, and what is ready for change, and what is best for you.

I bring this up now, because more and more people are needing to change, and to move on in their lives, their work, and their relationships, as never before.  This in no way discounts what you have shared together up till now.  It was all in Divine order.  And now to be in alignment with the Divine Plan, you or they must go, or at the very least, needs to say no to something.

Love doesn’t end, it transforms!

Divine Love isn’t some rule that says you have to stay together forever with someone, or that you need to keep doing something that you’ve always done. Divine Love is allowing and accepting you to be fully yourself, and them to be fully themselves, in every moment. It is freeing, and it supports and honors yours and everyone else’s True Selves, natural rhythms, inner guidance, and evolution.

Anything else if false security, fear, ego agendas, and goes in the face of what love, Really is.

Love Is A Decision!  to allow you and everyone else to be exactly who you and they are, 100% of the time, without judgment or recourse, knowing that all is in Divine and Perfect Order.

That, Is Love!

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