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Planet Earth as seen from Space

The Power of Choice

Every day we make thousands of choices, starting with whether to get up early, or later, or even to get up at all.  We choose what to wear, where to work and shop, what to support, what to eat, what to do, what to say, and what to think. Exercising our choice is our right in freedom.

But what if our definition of freedom were to change?  What if when we choose, we come from the intention that we want our choices to be in alignment with what is the Highest Good Of All, and not just what we want for ourselves?  What if we chose with regard, not only for ourselves, but for others and the planet as well?  We would still be included in that because we are a part of the whole, but we would also be making choices with less or no expense to anyone or anything else… We would be choosing from an attitude of we, that everyone counts, not just me.

And when we choose from that place of we, we are seeing a bigger picture, that all of our choices matter and effect everything and everyone else.  We are that connected.  And in light of Independence Day, I wanted to remember and celebrate that connection.  We are One!  So choose wisely, choose with intention, and choose from your Guidance.

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