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Echo the Cat and Pumpkins


Bam!  A small, big bright eyed, green eyed, long haired, beautiful, multicolored, gorgeous kitten, with a tail longer than her body, suddenly, very loudly, and very lovingly appeared on our back door step, and made it known that she had decided she was to be a big part of our family, starting that very moment, and we agreed.

Last month, exactly 20 years later, she, Echo, decided to make her transition from this life; not near as suddenly, definitely more quietly, and just as lovingly, peacefully, and comfortingly as when she came.

Not all transitions are quite as life altering as these were for me, some are barely even noticeable. All are a part of the natural rhythym of life, even those that threaten to annihilate us, physically, mentally, and emotionally. They help us grow, change, and open, so we can create something new, different, and possibly even better, whether in ourselves, our lives, or in the world; and most likely it’s in all 3 of these ways simultaneously.

Finding and understanding the gifts and greater meaning in such grand and necessary life adjustments can be challenging, because we generally view change as loss and as something to fear, rather than something to help us balance, purify, learn from, and expand. We rarely notice, let alone accept this amazing process. But when we do, we clearly sense the ease, light, grace, and freedom, that also naturally follows for a new and wonderful experience, for all concerned. And yes even Joy.

Echo didn’t “die”. She left her old, tired, sick body. She is still teaching me, comforting me and loving me, as we both get ready for our next adventure. She loved life, and she loves her new light body. And she has chosen to transform our connection even higher and I am in gratitude, still in a little grief, but also in celebration of Her, and all that we got to share together.

Here’s to Life!  To Echo!  And to all the transitions that make our lives well lived, and Worth living.